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Salesforce CPQ Consulting

The “CPQ” in Salesforce CPQ stands for “Configure-Price-Quote”. Sounds nice and easy, right? Not so fast.


Anyone who has ever attempted to implement and maintain a CPQ system within their Salesforce organization knows that it goes far beyond simply adding products and discounts then generating a quote document.

Our CPQ Consulting services allow you to deploy certified Salesforce administrators and developers to account for all of the intricacies that can easily get missed and ensure a successful deployment.

Salesforce CPQ Consulting Services

Admin Within’s team of consultants are Salesforce certified in many levels and specialties, including CPQ implementation specialists.


We’ll share insight into how the CPQ package fits into your broader Salesforce instance.


We believe that a well-configured CPQ tool will seamlessly integrate with the rest of the environment so that non-technical sales users can easily navigate and execute their process.

CPQ Solution for Sales Process

Ultimately, the reason to implement Salesforce CPQ is to standardize and enhance the sales process - and the name of the game in sales is speed.


The faster an individual rep can move through the process, the better. At the same time, your business needs reliable information about what products are being sold, at what quantities, and at what prices.


We’ll design an ideal CPQ setup that makes life easier for the sales users by giving them a simple, easily-executable path to complete the deal, while also capturing the necessary details. 

Business Requirements for CPQ Project

For a sales user to effectively choose products, apply discounts, and generate a document to quote the details to a prospect, you need a reliable catalog of products to select from.


While we recognize the desire to move quickly and see the system in action, it’s important to confirm that the products in the system account for everything you would like to sell.


The organization and hierarchy for how products are defined and bundled may seem minor, but taking appropriate care in setting them up allows you to avoid confusing processes and un-reportable data. If this information isn’t already well-documented, we can work with you to establish a catalog that will meet your needs now and in the future.

Salesforce CPQ Support and Managed Services

While an excellent implementation should require as little maintenance as possible, CPQ undeniably requires adaptation as your business scales and as rules change.


If the designed system needs updating, we are always ready to jump in and keep your quoting machine revving.

Investigating Salesforce CPQ

CPQ doesn’t just affect the sales process.


Our revenue operations experts take a proactive approach to aligning all teams whose departments are involved, such as operations, finance, marketing, product, and customer success.

Salesforce CPQ Challenges

One of the biggest challenges with CPQ that we love to solve, is to strike the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility.


You need to ensure that the products and terms being offered are supported by your business, without robbing reps of the flexibility to negotiate effectively.


Our approach begins with that consideration in mind. Balancing these needs is fundamental to any build, and also requires ongoing adaptation to your business.


An implementation is just the beginning, and building a system that is designed to scale will set you up for ongoing alignment as you change and grow.

Salesforce CPQ and Sales Cloud

The CPQ tool is built within the native Salesforce system, which means it’s easy to align with Sales Cloud’s broader processes.


The information gathered in the early stages of the selling process is applied to the quoting process, so that it becomes much easier and aligned to the prospect’s expressed needs.


Our goal is to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, and reduce human error.

Connect With Our All-Star Team

If you have a CPQ system that needs to be implemented, updated, or better aligned with the rest of your Salesforce instance, Admin Within’s certified experts have completed many CPQ implementations - we’re ready to help.


Schedule a call with us and let’s talk about how we can design the perfect CPQ system for you.

What Our Clients Say


Samantha Schneider, COO at Bloomfire

As we continued to grow, the lack of Rev Ops on our team was a blocker. With Admin Within we were able to tackle several improvement projects that would have been difficult to manage otherwise. For the past 18 months, Admin Within has been an extension of our team - and working with them on a fractional basis was just what we needed.

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