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Lively needed efficient processes to keep up with growth

New York, NY
Company Size:
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Key Results:
  • Custom UI for Audiology visit note templates

  • Integrated SMS into Salesforce as a communication channel for Sales and CX teams

  • Streamlined order processing workflow to handle 8x volume growth!

Project Background

  • Lively’s business model is direct to consumer, with care delivered remotely by Audiologists.

  • Customers can either buy directly online, or through a sales team member.

  • Hearing aids are custom programmed, shipped, and serviced by the Lively team.

  • In 2019, Lively was focused on scaling their GTM teams.


  • Lively was growing quickly and needed efficient processes to ensure their teams could keep up with demand, and track all of their day to day activities.

  • Salesforce was the central platform used by the Sales, CX, Audiology, and Fulfillment teams, but Lively had no internal Revenue Operations or Salesforce Admin/Developer. Some managers were maintaining systems, but it sucked time away from running their teams.


  • Lively utilizes Admin Within’s Rev Ops as a Service plan, giving them access to experienced Rev Ops professionals so that they can grow rapidly (Orders per week grew 8x YoY!)

  • Admin Within has helped scale Lively’s complex business by creating end to end processes involving handoffs between multiple teams (Sales, CX, Audiology, Fulfillment and Analytics).

  • Key project examples:

    • Custom UI for Audiologists to use to run their patient appointments

    • Streamlined order processing workflow

    • Integrated SMS into Salesforce as a communication channel for Sales and CX teams

    • Supported roll out of a new product line

    • Created system training documentation library

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Admin Within has been an extension of the Lively team for the past year, centrally supporting our customer-facing teams. We had some previous Salesforce consultants, but they didn’t provide the full-scale RevOps function in the way Admin Within have. They have helped us improve processes, increase efficiency, and add new capabilities as we scale the number of customers we sell and serve - and provide the day to day support we need. We likely would have a hard time finding Admin Within’s combination of experience and technical capability in a single hire.

Andrew MacDonald, Head of Product (2019-2021)

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